08 June 2022, 16:04
War in Cities: How Does Ternopil live?

Ternopil came 6th in our Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian cities, and today, it is a strong rear for civilian Ukrainians and the military. 

Since the beginning of the war, the Ternopil community has hosted 38,452 people, of whom 26,700 remained in the city for a longer period. About 1,000 displaced children are enrolled in educational institutions of the city. 

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, there have been two humanitarian headquarters in Ternopil, which continue to actively volunteer to help internally displaced persons and the military.

Since the war began, the Humanitarian Center at the Ternopil City Territorial Center of Social Services of the Population has provided 11,300 internally displaced persons with food kits and hygiene products; 5,608 people here received clothes and shoes, and another 21 people received means of rehabilitation in the territorial center.

Great support comes from the twin cities of Ternopil. Thus, the humanitarian headquarters on the basis of the Ternopil Science Center received 536 tons of assistance from different countries: Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Italy, England, Spain, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Turkey, the USA, the Czech Republic, and Georgia.

On the basis of the territorial center, a charity canteen, a social hairdresser continue to function, as well as a free rental point with rehabilitation means. The center's employees hold cultural and cognitive events for retirees, persons with disabilities, persons in difficult life circumstances, and internally displaced persons.

Ternopil supports the initiative to rename the streets. Thus, until June 30, public discussion will be held in Ternopil regarding the renaming of 13 streets in the city that are of soviet or russian origin. We support the derussification of our cities and call on all cities to participate.

For internally displaced persons to adapt, a conversational club of the Ukrainian language operates in Ternopil. During the classes, one can increase the level of knowledge of the Ukrainian language, get acquainted with the culture, history, and art of Ternopil. In addition to language learning, there are also sightseeing tours and meetings with writers and art experts — everything to make the lessons interesting and extraordinary.

Our cities are strong!

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