09 April 2021, 09:54
How Lviv is becoming more transparent and accountable. 10 Interesting Facts

Typically, Lviv is one of the ten most transparent cities in Ukraine. This year, it has failed only two points to be the first in the Transparency Ranking of Ukrainian Cities. Read more about the Rankings results here.

Lviv is an excellent example of stable progress in transparency. For the fourth year in a row, the city has increased the number of points. If in the Transparency Ranking 2017, Lviv scored 59.7 points, then in 2020 – 85.2.

This year, the first time in the history of the Transparency Ranking, the city crossed the 80-point mark and received the status of “Transparent.”

At the same time, the level of accountability is lower than the level of transparency. Lviv has also ranked second place received 22 points, whereas the leader of the Accountability Ranking, Mariupol, scored 32 points. Considering the total score, the gap between cities is noticeable. Moreover, Lviv scored zero points in 8 out of 14 spheres in the Accountability Ranking.

What positive changes in local government openness have taken place in Lviv over the past year?

  1. The best positive dynamics are observed in the “Housing policy” sphere. The city council has developed a system of electronic registration of housing applications. Also, it has published announcements of all meetings of the public commission on housing and the minutes of their results.
  2. The city council has published information on conducting market consultations with businesses, namely information on working groups, cooperation with clusters, webinars with entrepreneurs, training seminars to support business, market research for efficient procurement, etc.
  3. Local authorities have almost fully implemented recommendations in the “Anti-corruption policy and professional ethics” sphere. The city has approved local acts on the issue of professional ethics of MPs, officials, and members of municipal enterprises. Besides, Lviv has developed sanctions mechanisms to implement in case of violations.
  4. The city council has created an interactive map with information on development budget expenditures for each object.
  5. Lviv has fulfilled the basic requirements for the openness of meetings of executive committees.
  6. In the “Land use and construction policy” sphere, electronic passports for temporary structures of commercial, household, socio-cultural or other purposes to carry out business were introduced.
  7. The city council has published information on the assessment of the city's credit rating.
  8. Information on parking rates, a map of parking lots, and ways to pay for parking are available on the city council's official website.
  9. The city has also published interactive maps of outdoor advertising.
  10. In 2020, Lviv was one of the few cities where auctions for the sale of seasonal trade rights were implemented.

What are the levels of transparency and accountability in the winner of the two rankings? Read 10 Interesting Facts about Mariupol here.

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