19 April 2021, 11:40
How cities are becoming more transparent — regional news digest

The Transparent Cities program is aimed at increasing the level of transparency and accountability of cities, as well as establishing an effective dialogue between the authorities and society. We are interested in spreading information about the best practices of openness of local authorities and launching new digital services; that is why we have prepared a digest of regional news for you regarding changes that are implemented at the local level.

Launching an investment portal

Drohobych City Council and Tourist Information Center have started working on the creation of an investment portal of a city whose main task will be to present the investment potential of Drohobych and help attract investment. ME Drohobych City Institute will also join the development of the platform. It is expected that the portal will contain the following information:

  • Human resources and educational potential of the city
  • Investment proposals
  • Free objects
  • Cost of conducting communication lines

The portal is to start working in June.

Smart City Chernivtsi 2025

Chernivtsi City Council has approved the Smart City Chernivtsi 2025 concept — a modern model of city management based on the introduction of the latest technologies. Among the main priorities are housing and municipal services, security and transport, e-medicine, open governance and e-democracy. The concept envisages:

  • Introduction of the e-governance of the city and a modern service delivery system.
  • Use of open data, cloud technologies, and analytical systems.
  • Introduction of a multifunctional electronic card of a Chernivtsi resident.
  • Development of new mobile applications for the convenience of providing services.

Opening of Entrepreneur Support Centers Diia.Business

In the summer of 2021, an Entrepreneur Support Center Diia.Business will open in Bucha, Kyiv oblast. In the center, entrepreneurs will be able to get free consultations, attend business events, and find investors and partners. There will also be a special pop-up location where everyone can test their product, collect product reviews, and refine it before entering the market. The Diia.Business centers are also to open in Odesa, Uzhhorod, Kryvyi Rih, Kremenchuk, and Cherkasy.

Opening of a new ASC in Mukachevo

In April, Mukachevo will open a new Administrative Services Center on 2,000 square meters. The ASC will operate on the principle of a “single office” and will offer citizens more than 300 administrative services. A joint subscription service of companies that provide services for energy, gas and water supply, and garbage collection will be presented here. In addition, representatives of local authorities will hold receptions of citizens in the ASC.

Interactive map of utility debts

Ternopil updated the interactive map “Monitoring of debts owed to public utilities.” On the platform, residents of the city will be able to find up-to-date information on the amount of household debt for consumed housing and municipal services from the municipal enterprises “Ternopilvodokanal” and “Ternopilmiskteplokommunenerho.” You just need to choose the address of the house.

Introduction of an electronic ticket on public transport

Lviv and Mariupol — the winners of the Transparency and Accountability Rankings — are simultaneously implementing a single electronic ticket system for public transport.

Mariupol has become the first city to introduce an electronic ticket in municipal transport as part of the national Smart Ticket project. The service envisages the creation of a single e-ticket for all types of transport, including trains, planes, buses, and even subway. The ticket will be valid across Ukraine.

You can monitor the status of e-ticket implementation in Lviv at the Leocart information site, where up-to-date information about the current stage of project deployment is collected. It is planned to sell both general and tourist electronic cards for paying for travel in municipal transport. The system will be fully operational in January 2022.

Updated Council of Entrepreneurs of Vinnytsia

The first constituent meeting of the Council of Entrepreneurs in the new composition took place in Vinnytsia. It includes representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, large industrial enterprises, civil society organizations, business associations, and the union of Vinnytsia entrepreneurs. Among the priority tasks are the development of industrial parks, the creation of an Entrepreneur Support Center, and the establishment of communication between Vinnytsia entrepreneurs and their colleagues from the twin cities.

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