17 February 2021, 14:52
Transparency review of 100 largest cities in Ukraine is completed

On February 5, a team of Transparent Cities program analysts completed an audit of 100 cities in the Transparency Ranking 2020.

For about 1,500 hours, they checked 100 cities and verified the data. They did everything possible to ensure that the Transparency Ranking 2020 was perfect!

Now, we are starting an equally important stage in forming the transparency ranking and preparing for the presentation, and we are also actively working on the city accountability ranking. It will demonstrate the practical ability of the community to influence decision-making, participate in dialogue with the authorities, and receive an effective response. Follow our news and be the first to know when the rankings are published!

The transparency ranking is the result of evaluating the transparency of the activities of city councils in the 100 largest cities of Ukraine. We check transparency in 14 key areas of local government activity using 86 methodology indicators. The ranking is compiled annually based on data received from local governments and their processing and verification by program analysts. Find out more here.

Last year, Drohobych and Pokrov took the first places in the ranking (79.1 points each), followed by Ternopil (76 points), Mariupol (74.6), and Vinnytsia (74.2). We wonder if their positions will change in 2020.


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