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The pilot Accountability Rating will cover 50 cities of Ukraine, with a list of all participating cities you can find in the menu tab "Accountability Rating of 50 cities". If your city is included in the Rating - go to the city map for the 2020 evaluation. Next - leave a detailed response on the implementation of an indicator in 14 areas of local government. To do this, go to the list of areas, click on the desired area, select the indicator from the drop-down list and comment on it. Each indicator contains detailed instructions to help you score.


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Overall score
Dynamics compared to the previous year
+ 29
Detailed rating
for 20212021
Maximum Max.
Does the agenda of the executive committee meetings correspond to the issues that are actually considered during the meeting?
Does the city council follow the practice of transparent decision-making?
Do the announcements of the local government meetings contain: a) the date and time of the meeting; b) the venue; c) the agenda / list of issues?
Are tender committee meetings for identification of transportation companies servicing public bus routes held publicly?
Can the public take part in the meetings of the coordinating body of the city council (presidium, board, conciliatory council, council member day, conference, etc.)?
Can the public take part in the meetings of the standing committees of the council?
Can the public take part in the meetings of the executive committee of the city council?
Can the public take part in plenary sessions of the city council?
Does the mayor report on his / her activities in the past year in open meetings with the community?
Is there an official version of the city council website for users with low vision?
Does the city council consider petitions properly?
Is it possible to ask questions to the city council and its subordinate agencies remotely and get an answer?
Do city council representatives communicate on a special public procurement service (e.g. DOZORRO)?
Do city council representatives respond to appeals* in the field of public procurement? * Appeals on violations of procurement procedures which contain a procurement identifier and are sent to the structural unit of the city council or its subordinate procuring entity
Is the system for processing applications for official housing functioning properly?
Is information on premises whose official status has been withdrawn available on the official website or another designated website?
Are there open budget hearings?
Have all the participatory budget projects which won the vote been implemented?
Do local government representatives report publicly to the local community on last year's budget implementation?
Is the public* involved in the participatory budget implementation process? * Members of the city council are not considered as representatives of the public for the purposes of this indicator.
Are the meetings of the commissions for the distribution of funds open and public?
Does the city council report to the public on the implementation of winning projects on the distribution of funds among civil society institutions (apart from participatory budget)?
Have the executive bodies of the city council which have powers in the social protection sector created an electronic feedback form concerning the quality of services provided?
Are competitions held openly and publicly to engage non-government entities in the provision of social services based on identifying public needs for social services?
Does the local government report on the social procurement?
Do city council members hold the positions of heads of municipal enterprises, institutions and organizations or executive positions in the local government?
Do city council members report on their activity?
Are city council members held accountable for unethical conduct?
Are local self-government officials, employees of municipal enterprises, institutions, organizations, and associations, as well as representatives of organizations partially funded from the municipal budget, held accountable for unethical conduct?
Is removal or pruning of greenery in the city carried out transparently?
Is full information about all advertising means / structures published on the official website of the city council, the relevant authorized ME, the city body of architecture and urban planning or another specialized website?
Does the executive agency on governmental architectural and construction oversight publish information on its activity: a) schedule of regular inspections and information on ad-hoc inspections; b) inspection results (certificates and protocols); c) register of issued permits or a link to it
Does the architecture and urban planning council perform its activities openly and publicly?
Has a comprehensive layout of temporary structures been approved and published on the website of the city council or a special web portal?
Are the registers of land lease agreements concluded during the last 2 years published on the official website of the city council or other specialized web resource?
Has a list of land plots for development been published, which, in particular, are subject to sale by separate lots at electronic auctions?
Do municipal enterprises which report in the following sectors report on their activity: a) water supply and drainage; b) heating; c) electric transport, d) transportation (public transport); e) waste disposal or management; f) organization of parking; g) advertising activities?
Are annual KPIs defined for municipal enterprises or companies (including non-profit ones) where the community-owned equity stake exceeds 50% and which do business in the sectors listed below,and are reports on their implementation published? a) water supply and drainage; b) heating; c) electric transport, d) transportation (public transport); e) waste disposal or management; f) organization of parking; g) advertising activities?
Are competitions held for the positions of heads of municipal enterprises (apart from non-profit ones) and companies (excluding non-profit ones) where the community-owned equity stake exceeds 50%?
Do municipal enterprises hold open hearings and do they publish economic justification for changes in service rates: a) central water supply and drainage; b) heating; c) waste disposal and recycling?
Does the city council actively use the platform or tool for responding to complaints and appeals of citizens* (contact center, application form, other)? * E.g. Open City, application forms.
Does the executive body of the city council in the field of municipal property management publicize the procedure of providing permits for irreversible improvements of non-residential municipal property to lessees?
Have the financial reporting documents of educational institutions (secondary schools, preschools) for the last year been published: a) cost sheet; b) financial report on the receipt and use of all funds received; c) charitable aid (if any); d) funds from other sources, in particular grant funds (if any)?
Is competitive recruitment for the positions of principals of municipal secondary educational establishments held openly and transparently?
Are electronic auctions held for the sale of rights for placement of seasonal trade and temporary structures for business activities?
Are entrepreneurship support resources allocated based on a transparent competition?
Does a responsible standing committee ensure the development of expert opinions on draft regulatory acts received by the council for consideration?
Does the city council hear the mayor's annual report on the implementation of the national regulatory policy by the executive bodies?